Our story

A visual story of our 2 years!

It all started in NYC. The idea. And it manifested because we followed the signs.

The love for coffee and that what we do every day again keeps us going. At which ‘chapter’ did you came to know Hummingbird Amsterdam? The first month? The first year? Or just lately? Let us guide you through the beautiful, the joyful and sometimes tough cookies in life that we would love to share with you.

Because You Can’t Travel The World, We Bring The World To You.

We celebrate our 2nd anniversary. Grateful that we still are able to keep on going, despite the current pandemic, and that we can do what we love every day again. We curate the best of the best specialty coffee brands globally. Within two years we have had more than 30 different brands on the shelf and we’ll keep on sourcing the exquisite ones for you!

Sometimes you don’t need words, just show it. Here is a selection of our 2 years and we can’t wait to that moment that we are fully packed again. That cozyness around our beautiful Modbar. It will happen soon again.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

With love, Kees & Agavni

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SEY: “Drink beautiful coffee!”

Yes, we couldn’t agree more! We are happy and grateful that we have SEY COFFEE on the shelf. Why do they fit our mission, purpose, you and our needs? Because SEY cares:

“We are intensely interested in reimagining—both technologically and logistically—everything we have come to know about coffee. We are inspired by the boundlessness of possibility, and allow ourselves the freedom to work with whatever coffees we find inspiring, no matter how high the cost or how small the lot.”

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Coffee Beans, Coffee Stories, Curated Coffee

Onyx Coffee Lab: “Never Settle For Good Enough”

If you know us well already you know that we are truly and deeply all about specialty coffee!

We are so happy and grateful with having Onyx Coffee Lab at our shop.

Our desire and mission is to have exquisite brands on our shelf with a wide variety of beans for you to try, buy ánd to develop your understanding 😋🤓 of the enormous specialty coffee options.

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Our story

We Bring The World To You

It is already our mission to curate the best of the best roasters and beautiful coffee brands, but even more today due to the global corona pandemic it is even more important to continue our mission and to let you know that we are dead serious about doing this! Why?

Because you can’t travel the world, we bring the world to you!

It’s that simple and for us pure joy to take on this adventure and to make sure more and more people in The Netherlands, and maybe soon even beyond NL, are able to enjoy a wide variety of coffee brands sourced by us from around the world.

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Coffee Training

Calling all Barista’s!

We have a great opportunity for you! Because of our successful Work From Hummingbird-Days during our closing time in relation to corona it sparked our minds to offer our space in the evenings to barista’s who actively want to step into the training space but don’t have a location to provide training.

Now you do. It’s that easy. Because at the core of Hummingbird it is all about connectedness. And we would love to connect you and your trainees to the vibrance of Hummingbird and in this way supporting each other in time, space and opportunity.

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Coffee Training, Filter Coffee

Upgrade your home barista skills

Every Thursday evening we offer an intimate training, upgrading your skills as a home barista. Because we are specialty coffee we’ll teach you how to brew a perfect v60 at home. More than 50% of or daily business and beans sold is filter coffee.

The coffees from around the world we curate are exquisite. That is why we believe you should learn how to get the best out of your beans that you buy with us. There are so many steps in the process of brewing coffee to get the best result. We would love to learn you that skillset.

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Our story

Support your local, buy specialty coffee

We are a humble specialty coffee bar. At our core it is all about specialty coffee, connectedness, the best hospitality and curating unique and badass specialty coffees from around the world. In this time of crisis it is about surviving and making sure we keep our local coffee-chain running. And you can help out by ordering coffee via Hummingbird, treating yourself with specialty coffee.

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Thank you so much

We are so touched with every incoming donation and all the heartfelt messages we get. Thank you so much for supporting us during this Corona crisis with your donation. Every gesture counts. Thank you so much!

We know for sure we’ll meet each other soon at Hummingbird. Keep on drinking great specialty coffee and keep on following us at our instagram page for the latest updates, coffee moments and initiatives!

#ForTheLoveOfSpecialtyCoffee #HummingbirdAmsterdam

Amsterdam, Our story

Donate or claim your workday at Hummingbird

Dear coffee friends,

Hummingbird Amsterdam Started December 2018 and we are still in a “starting/growing” phase. We really needed this lovely sunny start of March for our business to bloom. 

In light of the risk of COVID 19, we decided to close our shop to the public (check out our instagram IGTV page), out of our due diligence and responsibility to the community, and in understanding that even staying open, was not going to sustain our business. Currently the city center is a ghost town. Good thing because we need to fight the crisis together. Unfortunately as a specialty store that has a license to serve coffee, we belong to the ‘grey area’ of types of businesses that are not (yet) entitled to receive any financial support from our government. 

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Our story

Like a Hummingbird

About Hummingbird Amsterdam

Like a Hummingbird we aspire to hover and to savour each moment as it passes, embrace all that life has to offer and to celebrate the joy of everyday. 

We are a 3rd wave specialty coffee bar

Hummingbird Amsterdam is about enjoyment of life, lightness of being and the quality of being present while having a badass coffee.

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Our story


Agavni is the proud owner of Hummingbird Amsterdam. This enthusiastic businesswoman has already been making dreams come true of others, corporates & individuals for years. With her creative agency Heartcore-Lab she provides the conditions people and organisations need to become the mastermind of their own destiny. No matter the subject. Her core is to inspire & scale change and to make things happen.

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