Coffee Training

Calling all Barista’s!

We have a great opportunity for you! Because of our successful Work From Hummingbird-Days during our closing time in relation to corona it sparked our minds to offer our space in the evenings to barista’s who actively want to step into the training space but don’t have a location to provide training.

Now you do. It’s that easy. Because at the core of Hummingbird it is all about connectedness. And we would love to connect you and your trainees to the vibrance of Hummingbird and in this way supporting each other in time, space and opportunity.

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Coffee Training, Filter Coffee

Upgrade your home barista skills

Every Thursday evening we offer an intimate training, upgrading your skills as a home barista. Because we are specialty coffee we’ll teach you how to brew a perfect v60 at home. More than 50% of or daily business and beans sold is filter coffee.

The coffees from around the world we curate are exquisite. That is why we believe you should learn how to get the best out of your beans that you buy with us. There are so many steps in the process of brewing coffee to get the best result. We would love to learn you that skillset.

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