She looks the part, working all smooth and fast behind the sunken bar. Amsterdam-born Samya Vermeer fits right in with the colorful background of Hummingbird. With her welcoming smile she is the first part of the experience customers get when they walk through the door. And what an experience it is.

The specialty coffee Hummingbird serves comes from the best coffee roasters around Europe and Samya’s presence completes the experience. Her knowledge about the coffees persuades you to listen to her advice, her enthusiasm draws you in and heightens the flavour of the coffee. She explains: ‘I want to make sure our customers feel special. Attention from the staff is what makes a great cafe.’

Career so far

Samya has a lot of experience in coffee. She started working in hospitality at Bagels&Beans, helped set up a cafe in de Pijp and started her .. specialty coffee journey at Lot 61 Cafe in Amsterdam. Working there opened up her eyes about the possibilities of coffee. Not only did she learn a lot, she met a lot of awesome people from all over the world who shared her passion for coffee. In 2017 she decided to elevate her skills in one of the coffee Walhalla’s: Melbourne. For six months she worked there at Proud Mary Cafe. ‘This experience was vital for me’, Samya says. ‘It made me realize that I can work anywhere in the world, because knowledge of coffee is a universal language.’ Besides working hard and making colleagues laugh with her witty attitude, she took a lot of courses to sharpen her skills during her stay in Melbourne.


Back in the Netherlands she was asked by Agavni  to become the first barista from start at the soon to open specialty coffee bar Hummingbird Amsterdam. As a Head Barista she makes the recipes for the coffees that are served. Because of the clear sustainable vision Hummingbird stated from start Samya connected instantly. That’s why Samya, who also isa self-taught expert in sustainability, makes sure Hummingbird continuously strives to be as environmental-conscious as possible in advocating awareness to our customers. Together with the team she picked out the best coffee equipment available at the market right now for in the shop. Besides looking cool the equipment and the low sunken bar design serves a purpose. ‘The mission of Hummingbird is to connect immediately with everyone who walks through the door. The openness of the space makes sure you can talk freely with all the customers and make them feel welcome.’ 

Samya works full time at Hummingbird so there is a good chance you will see her greeting you with a big smile on her face, ready to spoil you with a cup of excellence.