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Our daily espresso habit!

Taste notes: Toblerone, crème brûlée, fig jam
Blend; 70% Brazil (Fazenda: El Dorado) 30% Ethiopia (Farm: Wolichu Wachu)

You can grind yourself or if you don’t have a grinder yet, let us know which machine you have or for what purpose you are needing to grind your espresso beans. We are happy to grind for you 🙂

Standard coffee bag is 250gr.
Available in kilograms too.


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Our Hummingbird Blend by Common Greens Coffee

Together with Claye and Josh, owners of Common Greens Coffee we decided to go for a blend to create a true specialty based on their sourced beans from around the world. They are a micro-roastery based in Amsterdam and because we know each other from the coffee scene and became well known to each other we decided to set up our collaboration with the start of Hummingbird Amsterdam, being their first big partner in Amsterdam.

We truly believe coffee is about connectedness and community and we as Hummingbird also believe we are here to make sure everyone thrives in life. Thats why we have a multi-roaster approach, showcasing the big, bold, beautiful and badass coffees from around the world.

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