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Strawberry | Hibiscus | Red Currants | Milk Chocolate

ORIGIN: Morgan Estate, Panama
PRODUCER: Jamison Savage
REGION: Volcan
PROCESS: Carbonic Maceration Natural
ALTITUDE: 1750masl
ROAST: Filter
COFFEE PROFILE: The Geishas are processed in different methods, inflection is an expression of pushing carbonic maceration boundaries in collaboration with Project Origin.

200 gr | Filter

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About ONA Coffee

“To enrich people’s lives, connect communities and innovate for a sustainable future. Founded in 2008 by Saša Šestić, ONA Coffee was created with one goal: to create great coffee, and share it with as many people as possible. As we have grown and changed over the years, we have found new ways to share flavour and connect communities across the world. With the core values of innovation, community and excellence, we aim to create a world of better and more sustainable coffee.”


About this coffee

“The Morgan family have always been in the area of Volcán, Chiriquí, with a history going back several generations. They have owned this farm for 25 years and planted the first Geisha trees about 10 years ago. The farm is meticulously maintained, with stunning manicured gardens everywhere and beautifully crafted alpine style houses.”

more info about all juicy details: onacoffee.com.au

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